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Welcome To Mr. V Amps and Electronics


Here's a little history on our business.

About Mr. V

From the basement of our computer repair shop, (http://www.premiumcomputer.cc) springs an experimental vacuum tube lab that dares to resurrect and create new sounds from antique technology.

After making music, playing drums, guitar, and bass for about 15 years, I began that "Search" for the ultimate tone. The strangest thing was, rather than finding that ONE sound that was THE sound, I found many sounds that were all beautiful in their own respect. I was a bit frustrated by many current production amplifiers, and simultaneously frustrated at the idea of taking a fragile antique amp out to a show.

After apprenticing for a number of years, when I thought I had a good idea, I set out to build it. Some of the projects yielded great frustration, many of them gave me brilliant insight, but ALL of them found another building block in the wall of amazing tone.

Not satisfied to just build classic amp clones, Mr. V amps and electronics is all about exploring old ideas, and combining them with new ideas.

There's lots of tradition in guitar amp building, however tradition and innovation are rivals. As much as we can learn from traditional designs, putting a new spin on them can create a new voice, and continued improvement.

From short signal paths that really give the genuine sound of the guitar, to high powered amps with their own voice, Mr. V amps in on a quest to find it.

Have you ever wanted your own signature model guitar amp? Did you ever wonder what could happen if you put this amp circuit with a completely different speaker configuration? I'd like to help you in this quest. Do you have an amp that doesn't work right anymore? I'd be glad to help you fix it.